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DriveWear Lens

Drivewear lenses are designed to sense and react to various lighting conditions both indoors, behind a car's windshield and outside in the bright sunlight. Drivewear Lenses are designed to provide you with the most advantageous visual resolution for all weather conditions. These lenses work great in bright sunlight accompanied by intense blinding glare, to cloudy overcasting weather conditions. Drivewear lenses protect your eyes from glare through polarization and enhance your vision through Photochromic Lenses which are desiged to respond to both visible and UV light. can add Drivewear Lenses to any sunglasses, eyeglasses, prescription eyeglasses, or prescription sunglasses, our lab can customize and fit drivewear lenses to any order. You may call us at (718) 635-3888 for further details.

Low Light Conditions

High Contrast Green/Yellow Color. Designed to maximize useful light information reaching the eye. POLARIZED to remove glare that would otherwise DESTROY vision in low light conditions. This color has been thought in order to maximize the total information to the eyes' visual receptors at low lighting/overcast conditions. The high contrast polarizer works in every lighting condition to remove blinding glare and inhance visual acuity.

Bright Light Conditions

Copper Color. Designed to block out exceeding light and to enable the spotting of road signs, pointing out red and green colors. POLARIZED to block out blinding glare and have optimum visual acuity for safe driving. One of the characteristic features of Drivewear is that they are the only photochromatic lenses that darken behind the the windshield of the car. If exposed to sunlight, the Drivewear lenses turn into a copper color which many consider the best color for a driving . This should not surprise, as Drivewear color has been thought to remove exceeding light and to allow the driver to provide good traffic signals recognition.

Intense Light Conditions

Dark Reddish/Brown Color. Designed to maximise filtration of excess light so that the eye does not get satured. POLARIZED to provide maximum comfort in high light conditions. In outside conditions, Drivewear lenses is activated by visual and UV light and turn into a dark red/brown color. This color has been designed in order to provide maximum filtration of exceeding light and provide the best protection from intense sunlight and blinding gare. Brown lenses allow an excellent spotting of the colors, ponting out especially green colors. As green is the most common color in nature, its emphasising represents an extraordinary visual experienxce.


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