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ESS (Eyewear Search System)

Pre-Paid Shipping Label

We offer a pre-paid labels to our customers who wish to send in their eye wear for repair. Simply create a repair order and we will pay to get the item to our facility. Click on Expert Eyewear Repair to get started.

Free Shipping Available

We are currently offering free ground shipping in all 50 states for purchases of designer eyeglasses and sunglases ONLY. This does not include the repair service. You may also see other shipping services available.

Our Layaway Plan

We now offer the ability to buy an item today, and make interest free payments for as long as you want, until its paid off. This is simply another excellent way to purchase items online that you always wanted but didn't have all of the money for. A down payment of $25 is required. Read more about our Layaway Plan.

Price Match Guarantee

We value you as a customer, and want to ensure that you receive the best possible price available. We are always working hard to make certain that our prices are the best. If you find another website that offers a lower price on the same branded merchandise prior to your purchase, just fill out the Price Match form we'll fix the price for you.

Special Request?

Try submitting a Special Request for a glasses utilizing a new system called ESS. ESS which stands for the Eyewear Search System that was designed for the purposes of locating discontinued and hard to find merchandise.

Why buy from us

There are many competitor websites selling eyewear,

Wholesale Discounts

When you start buying directly from us, you will see why they call us the best.

View Wholesale Price Lists to get you started.

We can help you find discontinued sunglasses and eyeglasses

Discontinued Frames Hurt Customers

Manufacturers of designer brands develop and design products with a short shelf life. They normally discontinue their merchandise, regardless of how well its selling. They leave customers without the ability to replace, many years down the line if a problem occurs.

Example of a Typical Problem

A customer buys a pair of prada eyeglasses model vpr10f and instructs his optician to install progressive varilux lenses with crizal coating. The cost of these lenses with the frame come out to be $500. In two years the frame falls on the floor and breaks. The lenses which are still perfect remain intact but the frame is now worthless. The customer should be able to take the lenses out of this frame and simply install them into another prada vpr10f. The customer scours the internet looking for stores that sell this frame and quickly realizes that this frame is discontinued. The website is unable to order this particular item from prada and prada has discontinued it , never to be made again. The customer is now stuck with two options. He can have the frame repaired which will in most cases work fine, but what if the frame is beyond repair? Why should the customer have to go out and spend another $500 rather then just spending $150 for a new frame?

ESS Resolves this problem

The Eyewear Search System (ESS) was developed to resolve this major problem for a customer looking to find discontinued eyewear. Just because an item is not available by the manufacturer does not mean that someone in the world does not have it in their stores. When products are shipped from the manufacturer to the stores who buy their stock, they buy items in the thousands. Someone must have the item. It must be sitting on a shelf somewhere.

This network of optical stores, simply submit their data on their current stock into the ESS system that holds their current inventory. Each optical store has a unique login and password that enables them to see their own stock as well as other peoples stock. When an item that a customer is searching for is located, we submit the order to the optical store that has the item in stock and that particular optical store packs and ships that product to either us, or direct to the customer.

The biggest issue is having the data maintained by the stores. Incorrect data can lead to making promises to the customer that are inaccurate. This is why we will only sell the product to you once we had the opportunity to call that supplier and guarantee that the item is available.



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