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Prescription in your own Frame.

Please enter a valid email address that we will use to send you a FREE prepaid shipping label.
You will use this free label to send in your eyewear to our facility.

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Select your Lens Type

After you enter your email address you will be taken to a screen that will allow you to choose from our varios selection of Lens Optics such as :

Frame with a Clear Lens (Has No Prescription).
The Standard Magnification Drug Store Lens.
Reading , Distance or Single Vision Prescription Lens
The Bifocals Lens.
The Progressive Lens also Known as "No Line Bifocal".

Once you choose a lens type you will be asked to choose your optional add on's and either enter your prescription on our online prescription form, or fax/email the prescription to us. Please make sure when faxing or emailing us your prescription, include your order number to eliminate confusion.

Your Prescription

Once you choose your Lens Type, you will be asked to enter your prescription details into our online web form. If you don't know how to do that, or you simply dont want to, this is ok.

You can fax your prescription to us at 888-779-1680 or scan and email it to [email protected], at the end of the checkout process.

It's very important to remember to write your order number on the top when faxing or providing the order number in the subject of the email if you are emailing it.

Select Your Lens Material

There are a large variety of prescription eyeglass lens materials sold in the market today. A single local retail store or online website does not sell and stock all of them. Plastic Lens, Polycarbonate Lens, High Index Lens in both 1.67 and 1.74 Indexes, and DriverWear lenses, are just some of todays more popular lenses materials in todays Market. stocks thousands of lenses in all materials in our warehouse lab for easy fullfilment. If there is a specific brand that you want, and we do not have it, We can order any lens material that is currently offered in todays market.

If your eye doctor gave you some fancy name of some manufacturer that he feels you should be wearing, dont worry about it, if you want it we can get it.

The most popular lens in todays market is the high index lens with scratch-resistant coating and ultraviolet protection.

Select Your Lens Coatings

Once you have chosen the lens material that you want, you will be asked to choose one or many lens add-on's. A lens add-on is a coating or layer of material that is added to your lens for your own customization. These lens coatings are optional but of course enhance your visual experience. We provide all the lens addon's that are available on todays market. Lens Tinting, Scratch Resistant Coating, UV Protection and Anti-Reflective Coating are just some of the lens add-on's that we offer.

Knowing that most customers add to their order Scratch Resistant Coating, Ultraviolet Protection (UV)and Anti-Reflective Coating, we created the SUV Value Pack add-on which contains all three for one low price.



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